“Je plie et ne romps pas.”

This is everything. This is a disorderly mess of all, an encyclopedia of a life that, as any other, has grown.
After recently recovering from what can only be labeled as the so often coined phrase of a “roller coaster of emotions,” I have come to the realization that very few things are permanent, very few moments are preserved beyond their initial frame. We need to take what we have, and do our best to remember it, for soon it will pass. In my opinion, this thought is not sad, but rather it makes everything more beautiful. Would we appreciate anything if it wasn’t fleeting?
So I decided to make a massive conglomeration of time, and how I have tried to represent it, both now and previously. For me, that is through my art, be it dance, singing, painting, writing. No matter the quality (really, that doesn’t matter, right?), I would like to share it here, to form a timeline of development and of experiences. Never can we trap an atmosphere or an ambiance to return to, but taking time to appreciate the importance of an experience accords it valor. We must fully appreciate the past and the present to be able to utilize them fully in forming a future. This consciousness helps us form flexibility and impressionability, so that we are most receptive to the variables around us.
We change and reform, but we never cease. We bend and do not break.


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